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Optima SXL
Snow White Pearl
All the packages...

I used to own a 2005 Altima. It got me through some tough times living on my own in Chicago. On my way to a Nissan dealership, I came across this hella fresh SXL with all the fixings. After driving a couple newer Altimas, Infinities, Maximas, Subarus, Hondas, I sat down in this CHERRY SXL that was on the lot.
She only had 9700 miles on her.
Looking at the factory sticker, this car has ALL the packages on it. Every single tech option, dual panoramic glass roof, better stereo, top chrome rims, OEM ground skirt with chrome trim, complete performance package.
Sticker lists the vehicle over $36,000.
I'm stoked to mod a car with all the top options unlike other vehicles I've owned.
This is my 7th car.

After being a bit worried about the 4 cyl 2.0 engine in it, I was pleasantly surprised that it had some good pull to it. Not to mention the Optima was the best driving 2013 car I've driven in a long time. Not too much steering or brake assist, and I love the analog feel the vehicle has. It's well balanced, and loves to run at 80 mph and higher.

An hour later, I have the Optima. I'm not mad about buying this car. Being the petrol-head I am, I could not resist to look for crafty modifications to the ride.
So here I am.

Here's the deal. I'm not looking to K-Rice the FFFFF out of this ride. That means, no crazy stickers, wraps, korean scribble, outrageous body kits, stance changes, LED overkill, monster body kits, oversized wheels, etc.

I want everything done tastefully and value-adding with rugged parts. All mods are made to properly reflect a car with carefully chosen parts that will add intrinsic, and emotional value to the car. Basically I want to make it look like the vehicle can be purchased with said mods without breaking the warranty yet push the envelope.

Thanks to stopping by.
2013 Kia Optima SXL (Snow White Pearl)


Injen short ram intake.
ADD W1 V2 Baffled Oil Catch Can
Engine bay Red bolt dressup kit
HKS M45XL Spark Plugs
LAP3 Uncle Chip Performance Tune 93 Octane
Kinetic Exhaust catback exhaust system
CREE Led kit on all interiors crystal white
Bluetooth connectivity via Torque for vehicle metrics
35% tint all around with windshield strip.
OEM black mudflaps
Carbon Fiber Black on Black Flying K aftermarket badging
Red Turbo grill badge
3200 Lumen fog lamp kit (being upgraded soon)
CREE Led backup lighting
Black rear window wing (non LED)
Carbon Fiber mirror covers
Black/chrome K-spec smart-key door handles (from Hyundai MOBIS)
Rear bumper black applaque
RoadRuns V2 grill gloss black
Rear carboin fiber diffuser
Rear bumper LED refrector replacement modification

*soon to be installed* 4-note chromatic AC-Delco horns from 89 Caddilac Coupe Deville. (think train horn)
*soon to be installed* switchback turn signals front/back
Stock top Infinity sound system with sub (more than adequate and loud for stock)
SPEAKERS BLOWN... Looking for alternative.
Probably not going to add much to the interior outside of some carbon fiber molding replacement
Wheel and Tire
Flat black locking lugnuts.
Top OEM chrome rims. (18") with matching Flying K wheel centers.



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