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Optima Hybrid
Snow White Pearl
I can seriously say that I never thought I would be driving a Kia. I always had the impression that they were low end cars(and frankly they kinda were)until the company totally revamped their styling, overall appearance, and quality. Last spring I was in the market for a new car, I had looked at and test drove just about every make of vehicle. I finally decided on my Optima. It was an easy choice,I felt that if I was to pick any other manufacture of car that had the same amount of features as my Optima, I would have paid right around $40,000. I love the style, the body lines, the flow of the dash, smart key features, bluetooth, the safety features included and soo much more. At first I didn't realize that there was such a group of Optima enthusiasts, Im glad I found Optima Forums. It has given me the inspiration and push I needed to make my car all
imaging it to be. I've only just begun.
2013 Kia Optima Hybrid (Snow White Pearl)



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