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  1. SA400 '16-'17 Optima AEB LOGIC UPDATE

    4th Generation Optima (2016 - 2020)
    16's & 17's --- Next time in ask about this AEB Software SA 400 updated when I got an Oil Chg. Addresses .... Unexpected AEB Activation in "Some" situations .. Also, '17 Optima, Forte, Sedona, Sorento See below Oct 8, 2019 TSBCHA100 ...
  2. Mechanic said Battery is Good | Dealer said not good

    4th Generation Optima (2016 - 2020)
    IF New Bty requd .... I look for discounts / coupons and order online (often a Discount condition) / Chk -- Pickup at Store -- where they Install it Free. Core Chg on 1st Invoice is Refunded at Install at store. Adv Auto ALSO puts a Bkup battery inline while they remove old battery and car...
  3. Need a new battery on my 2016. Any special resets needed? Thx

    4th Generation Optima (2016 - 2020)
    Google for -- Advance Auto Discounts -- as I found a -$50 coupon and a $177 B4 Tax - AutoCraft Platinum AGM H6 - was $140 out the door. Ordered Online for Disc and Chk'd -- Pkup at Store -- where they Install it free. They refund $22 Core Chg after they install at store to Net Final Price. AND -...
  4. AEB? Stops suddenly, Heavy rain

    4th Generation Optima (2016 - 2020) This is a long shot as a '16 seems Too Young for the Rubber Grommet to disintegrate as in the video, but it Does involve Temporary Loss of Acceleration. See posts #3 and #15 video & IF you want ...Fast Fwd...
  5. Digital readout

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    I looked at the Tech manual and saw nothing that would help you BUT I Messaged you a Dropbox link if you want to take a look. Hopefully someone will show-up with some knowledge.....
  6. Digital readout

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    If you have a '14 Manual AND the LCD Display Window Item #7 on Manual Pg 4-54 start there and read up thru LCD Display Controls. Too much to describe but it involves Trip Computer, Svc in X miles settings, Master Warning, and a Lot of User Settings re doors, lights, etc. Had a '14 EX Premium and...
  7. [ALL] : THE Oil Discussion Thread

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    0 Vs 5 is one thing but for Winter I can't get it straight in my head that Edge Syn 5W40 (the Only 5W40 in stock @ Walmt here) - in heat - and Pennz Plat Syn 5W30 (US & Euro @ Walmt) - in cold - sounds right. The 30 & 40 isn't supposed to matter for Winter. But --- IS there any FORMULA...
  8. Digital speedometer

    Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Make them send your old dash pic to Tech Sppt. There when taken into Svc - Gone when taken out. It's on Them. Don't let lack of answer here stop you, or let them whine they're way out of next-level(s) investigating.
  9. Got car back with new engine.

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Brand new, I'd call their Sppt people but -- Do you think it matters that Kia is not in the Plug Series Maker Search via drop-dn list? Hard to Find Sppt for Spark Plug on their site.
  10. Help my headlights suck!!šŸ˜¢

    3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Can you explain what "eating up wires" means and has the Dealer Svc or your mechanic commented on it? Would give treyc better ammunition to discuss with mechanic as it seems like a "system" issue Vs a headlight issue.
  11. tire pressure light is on.

    The Service Center
    If you have an Auto Zone near they can read codes. To others, Per attachment, does the Sunroof not work at all after Disconnecting the Battery, and is THAT why a Sunroof Re-set is requ'd?
  12. Steering Mode Discussion - **Dealer Change Only**

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Shep's [BTW - Found this online for the 2015 Optima - "Drive Mode Select (DMS), which offers owners a customizable driving experience by adjusting transmission shift points and steering weight, remains exclusive to the SX Turbo and SX Limited." Unfortunately my EX does not have it as "User...
  13. Gear shifts light go way

    3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    My '12 Sonata Ltd WrtyTkt for the Same Symptom called it a .... Switch-Inhibitor .... which may be the same thing.
  14. Engine recall

    3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Not fair to label Stinger "crap" & cite Numerous problems and not say what they are/were. Pls list some so potential buyers can be more educated when negotiating.
  15. Clock lost its mind (2016 SX)

    4th Generation Optima (2016 - 2020)
    Please state what Fix types you've tried (ie) remove multi-media fuse, Pull SD card, OR I don't know how long it's going to last, but I got everything back by going into Setup>System Info>Update. It asked if I wanted to update with the same version, told it yes. Update finished and everything is...
  16. Transmission Question

    3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Wild Guess, although he lost Acceleration while moving ..... File away IF Not your issue as disintegrated grommets happen on cars approaching your age. Disintegrated grommet on the Brake Switch above...
  17. Loss of power on highway

    3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015) This use of a GM Plastic Furr Clip that is discussed as a better Fix in Post #15 of Thread above matches Your Issue exactly! If anyone else has the iproblem Watch the video and either try it yourself or...
  18. Date/Time not displaying

    3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015) With Engine running A few have Fixed this by Pulling & Re-inserting the Nav SD Card SEVERAL TIMES (2-3) BUT Most have pulled the Multi-Media Fuse located in the cabin lower left dash fuse panel. The inside...
  19. Clock lost its mind (2016 SX)

    4th Generation Optima (2016 - 2020)
    Me, too, BUT I First Saw Dashes Again once the display appeared -- it took several several seconds before dashes turned to Date-Time.
  20. Clock lost its mind (2016 SX)

    4th Generation Optima (2016 - 2020)
    Thanks. I Edited my post above per your Reply and finding that the Fuse Removal Tool in the Eng compartment Fuse Box looks fine to pull it.
1-20 of 370 Results