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  1. Rattle sound coming from underneath or engine bay.

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Probably want to check and make sure your splash shields are bolted on fully. If your car has been repaired recently, be sure to check this. Repair shops sometimes scavenge similar size screws and bolts to make repairs elsewhere on a vehicle.
  2. Rodent-resistant panel air filter

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    Well, first things first, you need to kill the rodents... Also, switch to a filter with metal mesh, such as a K&N reusable filter.
  3. Paint Chipping and Peeling

    The Service Center
    The simplest (yet fairly expensive) solution, is to get your car either ceramic coated, or have a clear wrap put on. I have a 2013 LX, and the paint has never given me problems, but I ceramic coated mine pretty early on. A clear wrap is another good option if you expect constant wear from road...
  4. 2019 LX - Stereo Upgradesuggestions

    Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    It is possible to improve your audio system for fairly cheap, but you'll need to replace all your speakers, plus add a Low-Pass speaker. Here's what I went with on my 2013 LX: Dashboard Tweeters: Doors-Front...
  5. My 2013 LX.

    Pictures and Videos
    Might want to go for wheel spacers, and a strut bar next. Noticeable steering improvements. Plus it looks great.
  6. Custom Aftermarket Tail lights

    Interior and Exterior Modifications
    If you have the LX, just swap in the SXL tails, and install the LED reflector mod. Nice, clean, and appropriately 21st century. Basically This: And This...
  7. 2012 Optima fender lights

    Interior and Exterior Modifications
    It is possible to build your own/rebuild you existing units... Use this part from Diode Dynamics, and just keep the outer parts: You'll need a pair of the the 9-inch ones, and a control box for each side, or you can adapt your...
  8. Thermal Protection against Heat Soak...

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Depends. I'm not too well versed in turbo setups, but as long as there's plenty of lubrication, I don't think you'll ever push a stock turbo to the point of failure within the vehicle's lifetime, so long as you aren't drag racing it every night, or something...
  9. Thermal Protection against Heat Soak...

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    For a downpipe (hot side), go with heat wrap. This stuff is for the intake (cold side). It will melt if you use it there. If you're going to wrap your downpipe a turbo blanket may also provide some benefits.
  10. Thermal Protection against Heat Soak...

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    UPDATE: As of current testing, the new setup will run at 10° (+/- 2°) below ambient until the under-hood space heats up, and then it will run at ambient (+/- 2°). At highway speeds, it will run consistently at 5° below ambient (+/- 1). Once you exit the highway, it will then rise to ambient...
  11. Part Identification (Odd underbody deflector/air dam things)

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Indeed, I'm in the Salt Belt of the northeast.
  12. R1 Concepts| New Carbon Alloy Geomet Rotors & Brake Pads!

    R1 Concepts Inc
    Just swapped a set of these out for Cquence Phantoms. They seem to perform the same, but the main difference is the noise. I bought the R1s in slotted and drilled configuration, and the noise they made when stopping, especially towards the end of their life, was pretty loud, and impossible to...
  13. Part Identification (Odd underbody deflector/air dam things)

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Here they are mounted under my car: Closeup of Left: And Right:
  14. Brake noise inside cabin

    Could be rotor wear... check and see if you have rust or buildup on your rotor surfaces that doesn't scrub off after daily driving. Do a few hard braking runs, and see when exactly the noise occurs. It also could be the pedal linkage, so get a look at things under the dashboard. That's where I'd...
  15. Lost Sound from all but left front speaker

    Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Sounds like a loose connection at the head unit... I'd start there. Then again, it's the 2k9 model, so start by pulling the power at the battery, and letting it sit for 15 minutes, in order to reset the head unit.
  16. Speaker Impedance Values?

    Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Thank you very much for that info. I was able to use the impedance calculator on that site to get a good idea of the power split for various speaker values as well.... What I ended up doing was going with 4 Ohms in the rear doors, and a 4 Ohm DVC subwoofer. They are wired in parallel for 2 Ohms...
  17. Electrical Intake Cooling?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Here's a weird one: would it be feasible to create an intake cooler with an array of thermoelectric Peltier devices? Here's how they work: The general idea would be to put the cold sides arrayed in rings down the length of an intake pipe, maybe three or four rings, with the hot sides equipped...
  18. New here but I have questions the search function didn't answer

    Interior and Exterior Modifications
    I too have an LX (2013). You'll need to get pretty creative, and some things off eBay/Amazon aren't too bad. You can always go up-model as well, certain SX/SXL parts such as tail lamps, DRLs, spoilers, etc. will fit on your LX with minor modification. Window tint, vortex generators, lug nuts...
  19. High beam issue...calling all electricians

    Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Probably in fuse bay 2, the one under the hood.
  20. Thermal Protection against Heat Soak...

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Just got done applying this stuff from DEI to my intake and heat shield: DEI Reflect-A-GOLD High Temperature Heat Reflective Wrap Overall, it seems to be working. On a 15-minute drive, I actually was pulling cooler than ambient air by the end... I'll need to test it over longer drives, to see...
1-20 of 167 Results