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  • Lilspeedwagon ·
    Sorry if this has been previously posted. New to the forum. Where can I find side moldings and do u have any pics. We've been looking for these for a long while with no luck
    securityguy ·
    Laurel KIA in Laurel, MD. Fairfax KIA is also a great place to look with great prices...they just didn't have any loaded SX's which is what I wanted.
    Sorry for all the questions.
    How often do you need to empty it?
    Does it have someway to tell when it's almost full?
    Where you able to install yourself?
    sxvybz ·
    Hey how you doing? I was wondering when you installed youre intake was the sucking noise from the intake really loud ? Also when you shifted did u get the blow out noise from it? My intake does both ou those and I wanted to know if its normal. This is my first turbo and I added a short ram but dont want to loose power or damage the engine.
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