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  • chroode ·

    I have a 2013 Optima SXL utilizing a K&N CAI and am real close to buying an ARK Burnt Tip CAT Back and was thinking of going with the test pipe can you tell me your opinion. Thank you. Chris
    DanZr10 ·
    See you have the ARK exhaust with the High-Flow Resonated Test Pipe and that you live in Cali, right now im stationed in hawaii and dont have any legal issues to worry about with emission but next duty station will prob in SD, is the High-Flow Resonated Test Pipe legal in cali, im assuming it is since you have one and live in the state but just wanted to verify since I couldnt find info about it on their page. Thanks in advance and btw your car has a sick setup.
    USMCx3 ·
    Hey bro names Tony just bought my kia optima 2013. Looking for a group that is into fixing cars and stuff to hang out with. If you guys have any events pls let me know. I've been in the car scene for many yrs. still trying to figure this form out. Hope to hear from you.
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