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  • Mbutter104 ·
    Hi Paul hope all is well. Just bought a 2014 Optima EX loaded with 16K miles. I did not even think about it not having a remote start. All my other vehicles do even my 2008 Chevy Silverado 3/4 Diesel. So i do want to add this to my car. I would not do it myself but find someone local in the Kennewick / Richland Washington State are. Looking at options and units. I see a lot on info on the Canbus. I am just concerned about the issues poping up on the board on getting this installed correctly.

    all4sho'14 ·
    Question... Is there a big difference in measurements of the grille from a 2013 and 2014? There is an FNB grille that I really like, but they say it fits up to a 2013. Same with the Vortex front bumper wing....? Thanks. Brandon
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