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  • SteveAust ·
    Hi all,

    I know that we can get angel eyes from Exled that are for the Optima, but where I would source a piece to outline the high beam projector - which I want to be more square, like in the link below sold on aliexpress? (Sorry I can't post link due to new membership rule, but "aliexpress bi xenon drl led" brings it up in a search). I know Exled has an old video but nothing shows on their website. Would it be like a pre-shaped angel eye, or does anyone know if I would have to buy the led strips and tube covers and fit them myself?
    all4sho'14 ·
    eBayShopKorea - Discover Korea on eBay

    Question... how much different are the grille measurements for the '13 and the '14 Optima? There's an FNB grille that I like but it says it only fits up to 2013...? Thanks. Brandon
    nickhooks ·
    I have a 12 SX-Turbo and I had the Canbus Module installed. I have been experiencing an array of issues and I am looking for help. I am stuck between the installer and K5 store and I don't know how to resolve any of the issues, as I am not savvy in this field. After installation, the remote-start would not always stay on when i pressed the brake within 30 seconds. 65% of the time, the car would turn off and I would have to re-start the vehicle. Just as of yesterday, none of the functions are working on the module at all. In fact, the car beeps twice every 30 seconds for the first 2-3 minutes when I start the car and also when I turn the car off. I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer. The installer does not know what to look for and K5 is in the same boat. Its too bad that the technical support for them in overseas in Korea.
    Julio Kia ·
    Hi, I submitted my showroom a couple of days ago but didn't see it show up yet.....maybe I screwed up because I submitted reserve posts for the first 5 spots also ??...let me know if all is OK when you have a chance,
    kijun ·
    Hey Munky, I paid for my premium membership over on PayPal. I was wondering why I have not become a premium member yet...
    cj719 ·
    Hey Munky, submitted a showroom thread request I uploaded all my photos to attachments already( don't know if I was suppose to) but is there a way to select photos from my attachements to the thread so I can make a time line
    loman4ec ·
    Hey Munky,I am trying to post something in the classified section and cannot access it. I sold my Optima Sx and bought a new BMW 328i. I have a Karbon Koncepts carbon fiber diffuser that I bought from another member a month or two ago and a new carbon fiber dash kit that I would like to sell. I am asking a fraction of the new price for both and they are on eBay and will have no problem selling but would prefer a member here get them as its such a good deal. Let me know if I can have one time access to the classifies section.
    G4z808 ·
    Hey Munky , just stopping by to say I still appreciate what you do for the forum, don't get discouraged by the flame :cool:
    vince007 ·
    Hey man, I was wondering if you could send me some pics of the Optima Forum decals. For some reason I cannot view them on your original thread. Thanks!
    MidloOptima ·
    Hey there, saw your comments in the chat window about if you have stock HIDs, which i do (2011 SX), you DO NOT need to buy conversion kits to go to a different temp like 6k?
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