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  • Jhall520 ·
    Yea what's going on? Not much is happening as of right now with winter right around the corner. We'll start the meets and back up in spring when the snow clears out..
    Jhall520 ·
    What's going on? Dude what are you doing this Sunday morning!?
    There's a huge event taking place I need Optimas to ride with me and the GenCoupes.
    aflacattack ·
    hello there,
    i recently purchased a kia optima sx t-gdi and was looking around to see how i can install the K5 LED Position Lamps. Just wanted to know if it's just plug and play or more complicated then that. obviously some disassembly will be required but other then that is there anything else? have any pics of what you did behind the bumper?

    Duc D.
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