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  • Kiacar ·
    Has anyone had problems with their Kia Optima push Button not starting the car? I have and it has stranded me on a few occasions. Most times if I wait 10-15 min. I can then be on my way. I notice the brake pedal remains hard when it does this. I was stranded in a parking lot the other night. I decided to get it towed the next day. I arrived and car started, and I drove it to the dealer. I've had it into the dealer before and they did not find anything. So, when I arrived at Kia service center it again would not start for the service guy. He tried testing the battery (battery was good) he tried jump starting it without no luck. Then he called 3 mechanics to push it back into the garage (this time it started again). They ended up replacing the transmission rangle switch (a part I cannot find online unless they spelled it wrong). Has anyone had this issue before? I hope this fixes it for good. I've seen other posts saying they had the brake switch replaced.
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