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  • DavidBell ·
    Hey man,
    Just seen your DIY for headlights and Great work for sure. I couldn't talk you into doing a set for me? I pay you and parts hahaha.. Just let me know... I know you don't know me but would love to have them done on my car. I coudln't do something like that for sure.
    ShadowPelican ·
    Hey G4z,

    I just purchased a white 2014 Kia Optima EX Luxury here in Toronto, Canada. I have the same 18" rims as you and absolutely loved your subtle mods! Your mods are tasteful and not too drastic, just the way I like it! I recently purchased the Eibach Pro Kit and hoping to have a similar profile to yours (minus the SX skirts). I'm wondering what height setting you have your Megan coilovers set to? I will eventually get Coilovers when I have enough cash!

    I will start with the Eibachs and maybe some 20mm Garageline Spacers and the roof spoiler for now!

    Again, amazing job on the car and I hope mine can look as cool as yours one daY!


    woowoo ·
    Thank you for the information over chat G4. I'm sure the information you gave about how to adjust the rear damper will help me tomorrow.
    Jasper ·
    Hey bud. Made myself some poke. It was good. Need to add a little sugar to the recipe next time though. See ya.
    Inspired808 ·
    Yo bro.... You have a cold air intake on the hybrid? Hows that working out for you? Notice any difference as far as power or mpg?
    NC-Blue Turbo SX ·
    They are side shooting led strips from and they are mounted on the very front edge of the headlamps, even with the ridge of the front lense. also they are wired in with a fuse tap to sensor one with a second 10amp fuse, i grounded them to the ground on the frame rail below the battery
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