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  • sgibbs2012 ·
    Hey fellow Charlottean. Did you previously had the UVO radio pefore adding the Chinese unit? I have UVo and I am planning to add a chinese unit. However As a UVo owner, our USb jack behind the OEM unit is a irregular shape and the only way to get the OEM USB to function with the new chinese unit is to splice the wiring and add a regular USB cord. This is the only way i can think of unless there is a better way. Do you know of this?
    richysh ·
    Hey man Im doing okay.

    I hope you and your wife, or rather your family are doing okay!

    Come back to the optima family asap brother haha
    richysh ·
    Thanks Robert. I really appreciate for all the help you've given me thus far, even though you have a family, a job, and etc. You're the man!
    KHCO67 ·
    Excuse my ignorance here. Was reading your thread about the radio you installed. I was looking into the camera too. To start I have a 2012 optima LX.
    You wrote:
    "U must run a single rcas from the radio all the way back to the trunk and the camera itself has the power wire that u tap into the reverse light. On the radio there's a wire that needs to be connected for the monitor to switch automatic this wire is table cam. U can go to your shift over or go to your fuse box in the engine compartment to find the fuse for the reverse lights and your done :)"

    What is a rcas that you said needs to be ran from the radio to the trunk?

    Also, you wrote "On the radio there's a wire that needs to be connected for the monitor to switch automatic this wire is table cam" Can you explain this. What is table cam??

    If you dont mind, can you explain these details more in depth for this "moron" I gotta see if my lack of skills will enable me to install this.

    marty ·
    Hello. I'm new here and I'm looking for info on replacing my basic factory head unit in my 2011 LX. I saw where you replied to a thread regarding a DVD/GPS unit that you had installed. I was thinking about purchasing this as well and I wanted to get your opinion on it. How is it working, any problems or regrets etc.?
    Thanks in advance.
    genez666 ·
    Hey man,

    I sent you a message on the Sonata forum, not sure how frequently you check it but I figure I'd send you one here too. I have a 2011 Sonata Turbo, and trying to get the remote start to work with the factory key fob like your car. My installer is stuck. He is using the valet 551R with a Fortin EVOALL. He needs to know how to not power up the circuit that turns on the radio (accessory power line). He also needs to know what wire does the lock on the keyfob so he can hook up activation input from the remote starter (white/blue wire)

    Please any help would be really appreciated.

    If you can reach me by phone, that would be great, 401 632 3837 or e-mail [email protected], or just write back here. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

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