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2013 Kia Optima SXL MPG vs the 2014 SXL

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by , 11-21-2013 at 12:31 AM (4936 Views)
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Just was curious of any of you have noticed the MPG discrepancy between the 2013 SXL and the 2014 SXL. The 2013 SXL, like the previous 2 years is rated at 22 City/34 Hwy/26 average. The 2014, using the identical motor and transmission is now rated at 20 City/31 Hwy/24 average. The reason is the 2013 sticker has an inflated MPG listed. It is actually false advertisement. This is what KIA/Hyundai were sued for in 2012 and they paid out $775 million, mostly in gas cards. I noticed in my 2013 the mileage is much closer to the 2014 ratings. In California I am averaging around 24 MPG in the ECO mode and I drive about 85-90% on the freeway. Just curious what type of mileage you guys are getting. I really like the car just a bit disappointed in the MPG.
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  1. Gene Steinberg's Avatar
    2014 EX with Premium with 1,600 miles on it, mostly mixed city/freeway. Lowest was 26. Highest was 34. So it seems fair to say 29-30 is the normal average.

    ECO is off, and those numbers assume the onboard indicator is accurate, which may be a false assumption.

  2. godawgs28's Avatar
    2013 sxl I average 27 mpg with economy off and that's driving hard as well.