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Noise from dash

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by , 07-29-2012 at 09:43 AM (3075 Views)
I have a 2011 Optima SX that has a rattle/buzz from the left side of the dash. Anyone else with this problem?


  1. RichR67's Avatar
    Nothing like that in mine I have a 2012 I don't think anything is different.
    I get a buzz from the door handle of the passenger door when I am listening to music at high volume if you grab the handle like you were going to open the door it stops.
    When does the buzz from your dash occur?
  2. Kia Optima sxL's Avatar
    I use to have the exact same noise from the dash. For some reason I would only hear it at 20 mph. If I remember correctly it did disappear.
  3. optimaistic's Avatar
    I bought a 2013 ex and I heard the buzz as well but it has gone away now. My recemendation to you is to turn up some music lol.
  4. skillz jessie's Avatar
    I have a 2011 lx I think it's Tha fan from the A/C on the back of the glove department