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ECO Mode

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by , 11-16-2013 at 06:07 AM (3517 Views)
Does anyone know how much horsepower is reduced when driving with the "ECO" activated? Also for those who have compared, how much additional MPG have you gotten?
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  1. pschram's Avatar
    I haven't noticed any, have you? The only thing I have noticed is a slight delay in acceleration with economy on.
  2. Coppertop19's Avatar
    I won't notice a hp difference because when you drive with Eco on it will only inject enough fuel as you need with it off it will put as much and you tell it. It's pretty much a fuel limiter
  3. jbarbieri's Avatar
    On my '13 EX, I noticed I would actually get better mileage with Eco off. I only drove the first two months with it on.
  4. Peeg9089's Avatar
    I just finished up checking my mileage from a ECO vs non ECO on 1 tank or gas for each mode. I drive a 2013 EX 2.4 with 11, 000 miles on it. Both tanks were just local driving.
    ECO on-- ECO off
    Avg. MPH 31-- 34
    Computer MPG 27.4-- 27.5
    Actual MPG 26.5-- 27.3
  5. heritage54961's Avatar
    on my 2012 I haven't noticed anything
  6. CALIGROWN707's Avatar
    Similar to above. The reduce on acceleration cause me to step on it more to get up to freeway speeds dropping my mpg. Highest mpg on long road trip was 32 mpg. But i average 24-26 city without the ECO on
  7. Opie's Avatar
    The eco system works best when you're cruising down the highway for long distances. I have noticed a significant increase in fuel economy on long trips when using the Eco feature. I turn it on for cruising, turn it off for acceleration.
  8. Be Out Crew's Avatar
    im gonna have to try turning eco off and check for results!
  9. atx_costa's Avatar
    Im going to have to try it too, I have noticed in my 2015 that I spent a lil bit too much more than what is it suppoused.