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Push button wont work on 2013 optima.

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by , 09-30-2013 at 08:02 PM (637 Views)
My friend changed my bulbs in my dome lights and shorted something.Now I can only turn the car on by plugging the fob into the car.My alarm doesnt work,I cant unlock the power locks when the car is off.And I can unlock the doors with my fob either.Ive tried to find a blown fuse but theres so many of them.Does anybody know which fuse would fix this or is it something more than just a fuse?
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  1. Sx_turbo_chix7's Avatar
    its one of the two main interior fuses in the fuse box, i actually had something similar happen when i installed some lighting inside my optima. I also however had a ground wire that hit the metal in the seat on accident, so i had to rewire and then replace the fuse, hope this helps