Kia Optima Hybrid Blown Engine @ 103k
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Thread: Kia Optima Hybrid Blown Engine @ 103k

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    Kia Optima Hybrid Blown Engine @ 103k

    So, My wifes '12 Kia Optima Hybrid just broke 100k miles. The hybrid system failed at 90k miles and was replaced under warranty. We are on our way to Duke (5 hour drive from our home) to see about a heart procedure I need to have. Cruising at 65 on the freeway. An hour from Durham NC. My 19 year old is driving. Suddenly we hear a pinging noise. It gets louder. 4 lane traffic, The car loses power, Hybrid System Failure flashes all over the screen. We by grace of god, traverse 3 full lanes of interstate traffic get to the side of the road.

    The engines overheated, let it sit 20 minutes while waiting on the tow. Fire up the car. Huge "Hybrid System Warning" on the console. Have it towed to nearest kia dealer, they give us a loaner so i can make my Drs appointment. After my Dr appointment. The KIA dealer calls. The car threw a rod/bearing. The engine is toast. We are at 103,000 miles. Over our warranty, KIA dealer quotes us $4500 to $8000 for a new long block/short block engine.

    We maintained the car like a baby. Full Mobil 1 Syn, Filter every $3500. Never missed a change. Just had the oil changed and full service/checkup two days before our Duke trip.. Having a blown engine at 100k with perfect maintenance is absolutely ridiculous.

    Not looking good. As everyone knows. Kia has recalled Optima Engines for this exact reason. However, despite being the same exact engines but built at a different plant. They didnt include the Hybrid models in the recall.. Check out the big long list of engine failures on the nhtsa dot gov website..

    So anyway. Here i am. Looking for a way to get our brick of a car 200 miles home and trying to figure out what to do with it. I'm in talks with KIA corporate. I'm hoping they are willing to help us out. The KIA dealership at High Point NC has given us 3 days to get the car off their lot before they start charging us for "storage". KIA corporate is telling me not to move the car until they can decide if they can help us.. Levin Sedra and Berman say we have a case to join the growing list of Optima Hybrid owners preparing a class action about the bad engines.

    Just found your forum here. I cant seem to post on any other of the threads so, thats my story. Any advice?

    Any advice on shipping this dead car 200 miles home?

    Any advice on finding a independent mechanic that would be willing to replace a optima hybrid engine?

    Any advice on dealing with KIA?

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    Just what you need with a heart problem, a dead Kia, but then of course the Kia has given even those in good heath, grief.
    I'd have the car shipped home as shipping shouldn't cost too much @ $250/$300.
    Before I did make arrangements, I'd have Kia corporate intercede with the ridiculous dealer, who I wouldn't have touch the car to make certain that the car can remain there, and if Corporate agrees to foot the bill or help with costs, I'd move it to another Kia dealer in the area and dump this one. AAA free towing up to 100 miles.
    After they make a decision, or after towed home, I'd look for an independent shop to install a used engine, then dump the car and purchase something other than a Hyundai/Kia, but depreciation is terrible as the car is probably only worth @ $7/$8000. A used engine runs @ $2000, labor @ $700 plus some misc., look at $3000.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome to the Optima Forums.

    So sorry to hear this happened to you.

    Hopefully corporate works with you to help with some of the costs.

    Best of luck with the process, let us know how it works out.


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